Cheesy Turkey Cauliflower Quesadilla


You guys, I've decided to go on a massive diet.  I'm going to omit food for 16 days, and only drink beet juice with kale and cayenne and maybe the occasional jar of baby food and... OKAY I CAN'T, April Fools!  It's still April 1st, right?  Food, you're my favorite and I'll never quit you.

Ok, moving on from my lame prank... while I don't really believe in "diets" I DO believe in tricking your kids to eat vegetables.  I wish it didn't have to come to that in my household, but alas, it does.  So I introduce to you... the Cauliflower Quesadilla!  To be honest, my kids eat cauliflower on their own, but I'll gladly shove it in other foods if it means they're getting an extra oomf of vegetables.  Oomf?  Who am I what am I saying??  Anyway, it's white, it can be pulverized into a rice-like constancy, it's basically the perfect April Fool's Day vegetable.  Last night, I made cauliflower rice and added it to our quesadillas with ground turkey and Mexican cheese.  Delicious, for kids and grown ups alike!  It just added a little something extra, and I promise I won't say "oomf" again, ever.      

Etta loved it, in between nose pickings.


ljrbjc said...

I still don't like cauliflower but I love the picture of your daughter picking a winner. Awesome.

Kristen Norton said...

That picture is priceless! My oldest daughter is the same age as Etta and this just makes me smile ;). The food looks delish...can't wait to try it. I so appreciate you and all of the joy you have brought me and my family through your blog and food. I have two kiddos under three and seriously admire your dedication to this, as I feel like I'm on the same "who needs sleep anymore" plan, hehe :). Thrilled for your success and excited to see all of the great opportunities that come your way!

Linda said...

You are so creatively inventive!!! I never would have put cauliflower in a quesadilla.... Etta is precious, nose pickin and all!!!


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