Black Bean Brownies


Well, hello there Internet, it's nice to see you again.  I've been away, visiting family and friends in Sunny California.  And now I'm back, in Sunny New York.  Sunny, you're my friend, thanks for coming back East with me.  Why don't you stay for awhile?  For like, the next 7 months at least?  You make me happy, you turn me into Fun Mom.  Fun Mom goes outside and blows bubbles and draws on the driveway with chalk.  Fun Mom takes her kids for a walk until the neighbor's puppy attacks us and we all run inside crying with newly developed dog phobias.  Fun Mom puts on her bathing suit and - ohmygosh.  Wait.  Is that me in a bathing suit???  WHAT THE.  Sunny, leave me alone with my hearty winter comfort food and my gigantic sweaters.

I kid, I kid (sort of), but let me introduce you to a brownie that will get you ready for bathing suit weather.  Ok, it won't actually help you LOSE weight, but you don't have to feel guilty about eating one (or two, and licking all the batter).  These brownies have BLACK BEANS in them!  WHAT THE.  I came across this recipe and thought I'd try it, because my daughter with the sweet tooth could use some more iron and protein in her life.  Enter, "healthy" brownies.  They're actually good!  A little more on the "cake" side of the brownie spectrum (I prefer fudgy) but you can definitely not taste the black beans in the finished product.  I added some chocolate chips on top once the brownies were cooked to make them EXTRA healthy (what) and I think you should too.      


Linda said...

Mmmmmm...... :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting! These brownies look really delicious! Did your kids like them as well?

Siri said...

They did! Especially my 6 year-old :)


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