TODAY tonight: Salmon + Mashed Peas


Now that it is spring - and I write that while manically laughing because I just looked outside and A WINTRY MIX IS FALLING FROM THE SKY - but now that it is spring (I said SPRING, PEOPLE IN THE HEAVENS CONTROLLING THE WEATHER!) I have been looking forward to cooking with seasonal vegetables like artichokes and radishes and leeks and peas.  So when Carson came home from work the other day and said, you have to make this salmon with mashed peas I ate this morning I said, yes!  Yes, I have to!  Billy Dec cooked it up on the Today Show last week, and so I re-watched this video and gave it a go.  Errrmygosh...

It was so good.  We felt like we were dining in a fancy restaurant, when in realty we were eating at our kitchen island while the kids watched HOP (did you know James Marsden is the first ever human Easter Bunny?).  Carson cooked the salmon and did so PERFECTLY.  The key is a hot, hot pan.  He achieved the most deliciously crispy exterior with a tender, flaky inside.  I handled the garlicky mashed peas.  Um, yum.  My 7 month-old ate them up!  A garlic lover she shall be!  We skipped the salad and served them alongside roasted vegetables.  This dinner is a springtime MUST, especially if wet, white stuff is raining down on your land.  


Kathryn T said...

I would love to hear more deets on how he cooks the salmon!

Siri said...

Watch the video, Kathyrn! Should also explain in recipe :)

cringe cat said...

looks delicious! I must try it


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