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Are you familiar with the Today Show Parenting Team?  It's a community in which anyone can join and share their parenting advice, stories, photos and wisdom.  There are monthly topics and challenges that have spewed such wonderful articles, like this one (she's my hero).  It's really fun, and if you're a parent or grandparent or godparent or auntie or teacher or you have, like, a thousand cats... you should join.  We're in this together people!

I recently wrote an article about "letting go of stress" - because I am NEVER stressed.  Nope, not me, I'm perfect.  Click here to read, it's called: Teenagers Don't Wear Diapers!  If you enjoy the read, would you consider voting for me?  And sharing it with your friendly friends?  Thanks!!

Back later with a delicious Salmon + Garlicky Mashy Peas recipe...     


Christen said...

It's always a beautiful day when they magically stop those phases that we're fretting over! Very nice piece (and I voted!)

Julie said...

I was 11. 11! How embarrassing. But you are right, no amount of bribing or coaxing worked. I stopped when I was ready. I say the same thing about kids sleeping in my bed. "No teenagers sleep in their parents beds". But after 3 kids 4 years apart each, I feel like I have had a child in our bed the entire 15 years of our marriage. We'll get there. :)

Loved the article and voted!

P.S. you have a beautiful family

Anita said...

I have 2 granddaughters...5 & 2.
This made me laugh so I sent it to their Mother (my daughter). I know it will help her as she doesn't listen to me..ha:)

Felicia Collins said...

Both your pieces were great, (I voted) thank you for sharing. They both hit home.

Anna banana said...

Cute kids!

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