Mini Chipwich's


I am exhausted.  Like, beyond.  I spend all night in my 7 month-old's room, trying to coax and nurse her tiny, teething body back to sleep (because she's all, HELL NO to this sleep training rubbish).  I spend all day negotiating with my 2 year-old who is on a very productive hunger strike... have one ITSY BITSY bite of food to MAKE MOMMY HAPPY BECAUSE MOMMY IS SAD (it doesn't work).  As I type this, I have asked my 6 year-old to go potty and get dressed for school 17 TIMES and I've even threatened that our neighbor with his scary dog will have to drive him if he misses the bus.  I'm exhausted.  There used to be room in my brain to think about food.  Now, I'll realize it's 10am and I haven't eaten a thing yet and I'll drive my minivan into the wall of a Starbucks and buy every breakfast sandwich they have.  I'm sooooo tired.  But, then I'll read an article like this one, and I'll laugh and ugly cry simultaneously, and I'll remember... these are the days I'm going to miss.

(And then I chant that over and over again like a lunatic)

So, until my brain regains some sense of normalcy, all I have for you are these Mini Chipwich's I brought to a dinner party last night (because an "adult dessert" is waaaaay beyond my comprehension right now).  I used this recipe for a "cafe-style" cookie, made them as small as I could, flattened them prior to baking, smushed some vanilla ice cream in between the cooled cookies and rolled the sides in mini chocolate chips.  I may be brain dead, but they were delicious.  


Julie said...

Yum! Why have I never made chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches before?
When my oldest was little, he would hardly eat ANYTHING, but loved chocolate milk. So I bought the carnation instant breakfast packets (chocolate) and he thought he was getting chocolate milk, but there was some sort of nutritional value added. I'm not saying it's the healthiest, as I'm sure there's lots of sugar in those packets. However, it gave me some peace of mind as a mom that he wasn't going to starve to death. Sorry for the unsolicited advice, I've just been there and it's not fun. Good luck with sleep training, ugh it's the worst...next to potty training.


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