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If you watched the Today Show this morning, well, then you probably know that my real name isn't Siri.  It's Bingo.  It's just, Bingously Delicious sounds weird, and makes no sense, and I really enjoy Starbuck's baristas making iPhone jokes when I say my name is Siri.  Ok, ok, you got me, I'm lying... my real name is Pam.  Lie!  I'm lying.  But, if you did watch, then you learned the origin of the nickname Carson and I call each other: Bingo.  And you probably witnessed me trying hard not to tell Christian Slater how many times I've seen Untamed Heart and Bed of Roses.  (Also, Heathers was the first rated-R movie I ever saw, true story.)    

If you missed it, you can check out the segment and find all the recipes by clicking here.  I have so much fun cooking with Carson (Bingo) on Today, so thanks for watching!


Jodi said...

YUM. Siri would you happen to know if the frittatas can be frozen after they're cooked and then just warmed up?

Anonymous said...

I saw it and will be trying this meatloaf soon

Anonymous said...

Saw you two on Today this morning! You and Carson are so funny. A true love story for the ages!

Anonymous said...

Made this tonight and it was awesome! Even my husband who usually turns his nose up at "turkey" anything loved it! I used gluten free panko since I have gluten sensitivities and it was perfect! Thanks for a new recipe to put in rotation! Looking forward to the yummy leftovers :)

Siri said...

Yes, Jodi!

Gene Cooper said...

You and Carson were enjoyable to watch, easy to see you both compliment the other.

I love to cook for my family and friends. And I enjoy your blog when I think to look.
The meatloaf recipe I will try, it has to be delicious. Sandwiches I / we enjoy with leftovers. Now I will try the frittatas, great idea.

Courtney said...

I made the meatloaf tonight and my family of five ate the whole loaf! No left overs for us :( but I will definitely make again! Wondering if you know what the nutritional information is? Thanks in advance!

Rachel Page said...

This is the ultimate comfort food and makes great left overs.


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