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Oh my gosh you guys, I haven't blogged in a long while.  I can't really point to an excuse, besides my three children.  You know, the baby who doesn't sleep and the toddler who doesn't eat and the big kid who just turned 6.  Every year I make a gigantic deal about his cake (as seen here) but I just didn't have it in me this time.  He was like, "mom can you make it half Skylanders and half Minecraft" and I was like, "no."  So instead I turned to another favorite of his at the moment, High School Musical (I know every song by heart).  East High's colors are red and white, so a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting made sense.  And then I made some chocolate piano keys with a piping bag on parchment paper to line half of the cake.  Easy peasy - go Wildcats!  (I'm an adult)


Christen said...

Very cute cake! I can't even conceive of half Skylanders and half Minecraft so I think this was a great way to go!

Linda said...

Looks pretty perfect to me!!!! Be on the watch for some happy mail tomorrow!!!


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