Jello Cookies


My little boy had a temperature yesterday, and he overheard the doctor telling us that she lets her own kids "cook" when their fever is low enough.  When we got home, he started asking me what he could make in the kitchen.  It was right before dinner, so I told him it wasn't the best time, until he insisted that the doctor wanted him to COOK.  Um, adorable!  How do you say no to that?  So we jumped on Pinterest and searched for kid cookie ideas.  He picked these Jello Cookies, and I happened to have every ingredient on hand (because my kitchen is a goddamn bakery).  If you ever wonder if everything on Pinterest is as easy and adorable as it looks, the answer is NO.  I couldn't get this dough to come together.  Even after adding milk, it was a crumbly mess.  But I was able to make 5 cookies out of it and Jack was happy, therefore, I'll categorize this as a success (let's pretend that the dinner I was planning on making wasn't totally neglected and I didn't order pizza instead).         

By the way, the lovely people at Alpha Grillers felt badly that they couldn't give ALL of you a Garlic Press & Peeler Set, so they're offering everyone 10% off should you want to buy one on Amazon!  Just use the code SIRIGP10, which is valid between now and December 24th.


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

I should do a post on all of my Pinterest projects that didn't quite turn out the way they looked in their original picture...but glad you were able to get at least 5 cookies!

ljrbjc said...

Sorry to hear about your son. My son had a fever as well. We did not get a chance to bake yesterday but I did add food coloring to his antibiotic to make it orange (his favorite color). So we've got that going for us.

Linda said...

Hope the little man is feeling better soon, I think we should nominate you for mother of the year!!! 😃


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