Pumpkin Bread (with Chocolate Chips)


Why do I put chocolate chips in everything?  Why?  WHY?  It's a reflex at this point.  I don't think my brain consciously decides to anymore.  My arm just goes for the chocolate chips, my fingers rip open the bag, and I pour.  It's a sickness, really.  You should feel bad for me, and pray.  Why can't my robot arms reach for nuts, or raisins (yuck)?  How long am I going to talk about this today?

Moving on... a friend sent me this recipe for pumpkin bread, claiming it one of her favorites because of its moistness and simplicity.  It is simple and IT IS DELICIOUS.  Even though somehow chocolate chips ended up in my bread.  No idea how (help).    


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

I think you put chocolate chips in everything because you just know that chocolate chips make everything better.

Sara said...

Please don't stop putting chips in everything! I can't wait to try this. And yes, raisins, yuck!!

Deborah said...

I put chocolate chips in almost all of my breads (just because I can) Always make everything taste just a little bit better with chocolate
thanks for sharing
Debbi Roelandts

ljrbjc said...

Uhhh...I thought it was illegal to make pumpkin bread without chocolate chips. You did the right thing.

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