Perfect Fish Tacos


A friend recently sent me this How To Make Fish Tacos article and I found it very educational.  Wow, what a boring way to start a post, I sound like a robot teacher.  I LOVE ME SOME FISH TACOS!  There, is that better?  No but really, click on the article and learn things.  For instance, did you know authentic fish tacos are fried, not grilled (thank god) and that using rice flour lightens the batter?  See?  Education!  My friends and I tackled these over the weekend, using red snapper, and accompanied them with a Cabbage Slaw (recipes below).  Our modifications: red cabbage instead of green, no jicama (because we couldn't find it), and we added avocado to our tacos because it makes everything better.  I also used flour tortillas instead (don't yell at me) because I like them.  Just like Matthew McConaughey likes his Lincoln cars.  Make those commercials stop.

Photos by Katy at Chasing You Photo


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

These look absolutely delicious! And I agree, make the commercials stop!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Gracias. Yum.

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