Pull-Apart Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Bread


I have wanted to make this bread for an entire year.  No really, see this post from one year ago.  I told you I'd get to it!  One, year, later.  But it was SO worth the wait and effort.  While it wasn't a difficult bread to make, there were definitely more steps involved than your average baked treat.  However, the "pull-apart" nature of the bread means it doesn't have to look perfect.  I had a hard time rolling out my dough into a rectangular shape but I stopped stressing about it, figuring that once it baked everything would mesh together nicely... and it did!  Instead of a buttery rum glaze, I used vanilla paste.  I'm sure rum would be delicious, but I didn't want the flavor to freak out my kids.  Everyone in the house love it - MAJOR hit!  And after the bread and these cookies, I still have more pumpkin puree left in the can, hmm... ideas??  Have super DUPER weekends!   

Find the recipe HERE.  


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

This looks so yummy!

CBarclay said...

What is vanilla paste, please?

LuRuSo said...

Oh wow, scrumptious! If you don't have enough purée for a full on recipe, you could use it to make homemade syrup for pumpkin spiced lattes. So much better than the fake stuff!

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Linda said...

Want now, with my coffee!

Siri said...

Vanilla paste can be found at Williams-Sonoma or Sur La Table, but you can certainly substitute regular vanilla extract!

Lynn @ TheActorsDiet.com said...

On my death bed, I would love to slowly pull apart one of these from the loaf pan.


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