Slow Cooker Apple Pulled Pork


I've officially had 3 kids for 4 weeks.  Life will start to get WAY easier now, right?

Bahahahahahahaha *manic laughter* bahaha *tears* bah *face plant into computer* ha.

Actually, if I'm being honest, I've found myself adjusting more quickly to life after each birth.  I'm used to the chaos and zero sleep after one and then two kids.  So basically, I'm saying I could EASILY have 19 children like that Digger family.  Dagger?  Dugger?  Yeah, them.  

That said, I still have moments of pure insanity, like the other day when I tried to make this Slow Cooker Apple Pulled Pork.  A friend on Facebook sent me the basic recipe: cook 3 pounds of pork in a slow cooker for 6-7 hours on low with a bottle of BBQ sauce and a chopped apple.  Easy, right?!  Yeah, unless you're an idiot like me and you accidentally buy some sort of pork loin instead of a pork butt or shoulder.  A loin is lean.  A loin won't PULL apart in a delectable manner like a butt or shoulder will.  So basically this was a FAIL by me but we ate our lean pork anyway and enjoyed it.  Because what can go wrong when you put meat in a sweet Hawaiian roll and top it with cheddar?       

I can totally handle 11 more children.


Anonymous said...

Hi, as from the movie Gros Pointe Blank "long time reader first time commenter" . . .

I also had a slow cooker pork fail and sadly have not used it since. You have inspired me to try again!

Take care,

ljrbjc said...

Who cares? It looks delicious! I am still impressed by how much cooking and blogging you are doing right now! And if it makes you feel any better, I once put apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider in sausage tortellini soup. Totally gross.

Linda said...

Bahahahaha..... Still looks yummy. Oh come on, one more and you'll be like me!!! Kiss those kiddos!

plasterer bristol said...

This sounds divine, thanks for posting this.



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