Minion Cake


My little Etta, who suddenly looks gigantic to me next to her newborn sister, turned two over the weekend.  Thankfully, she had no idea it was her birthday because I'm not exactly in the proper mindset to get a decent party together (hashtag NO SLEEP).  That said, do you think I could let a birthday go by without baking a cake?  Nope.  I like to torture myself.  Etta loves the Minions (calling them bee do's), and I'm not proud of how much "Despicable Me" I let her watch in my last month of pregnancy.  So I decided to make her a Minion Cake, using a boxed confetti mix (see: newborn baby) and a Vanilla Buttercream Frosting.  

I divided the batter into two cake pans: one round and one square.  Then I cut the round cake in half, trimmed the edges slightly, and set it on top of the square to form the minion shape.  I separated the frosting into four bowls, and used dye to make yellow, blue and grey (leaving a small amount of white for the eyes).  A large chocolate chip became the eyeball, melted chocolate for the smile, pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate for the hair, and marshmallows dipped in chocolate for the feet.  My minion had no arms.  He lost them in war.  Wait, what?  Just kidding... um, they were behind his back.  The cake was a hit!  Although Etta would have been happy blowing out candles on a cardboard cake (servers at restaurants have to re-light the candles 15 times if Etta is with us).

I can't believe my baby girl is 2!  And I can't believe I have another baby girl that is over 2 weeks.  
And I can't believe there will be ANOTHER Royal Baby (actually I can believe that and don't care).       


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Are you pregnant again yet??

Bebe said...

I siriously can't believe your brain isn't in a total fog!? How can you be so creative when you are so sleep deprived. When I gave birth I was a zombie...could barely pour my 5 yr old a bowl of cereal lol! That cake is awesome!

Linda said...

This is sooooo cute!!!

ljrbjc said...

This is adorable! You get super extra bonus points for all of this! What did you do with the unused cake? I always feel guilty about it from the flag cake. I have big plans to make something with it but that never happens.

Erin Grell said...

Hi my name is Erin and I love this post! The minion cake is such a cute idea! I wish I had the skills to be so creative with baking, but I usually mess up! Despicable Me is such a popular movie, I'm sure so many people would love this. It is such a great idea and the cake looks absolutely delicious. I hope to see more posts about your wonderful cooking soon!


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