Q's Green Smoothie


Y'all know me.  I'm a 'cup of coffee slash chocolate croissant' morning kind of person.  I'd rather eat a salad, not drink one.  Hell, it's breakfast time and I'm devouring a cookie as I type this (I'm still pregnant, right?).  So you'd be correct in assuming I haven't had many green smoothies in my lifetime.  In fact, up until the other day, I hadn't even had one!  But Carson's sister Quinn was visiting, and she decided to change all that by making me one.  Guess what?  I enjoyed it!  It was very smooth, just slightly sweet and extremely fulfilling.  She threw it together in a matter of minutes... a very encouraging thing because now I have a thousand children and zero time.  I will make you again, Green Smoothie!  And probably balance you out with a chocolate chip cookie (let's be real here). 

Q's Green Smoothie
(Makes 2 glasses)

2 cups super greens (if you can't find, use any combo of spinach, kale, etc.)
1 cup ice
1 avocado
1 banana
1 cup egg whites
1 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
Stevia to taste

Blend everything together and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Are you able to eat Egg Whites or do you run a risk of salmonella? Actually, that may be a good thing as it would make me drop weight quicker!

tara said...

I LOVE green smoothies! My husband and I bought a juicer and I juice kale and green apple and then blend it with frozen pineapple, mango and a fresh banana. It's amazing.


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