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Hello!  It's me, mom of three, goo goo gee.  And as you can see, sleep deprivation has gotten the best of me because I just wrote "goo goo gee" and that's not normal.  Remind me when they decide to sleep for more than three hours at a time??  When they're teenagers?  Good, good, okay.

I don't have anything new and exciting for you, so I decided to share some Instagram photos with you.  If you don't already follow me, well, do it.  The above photo is from this past Sunday.  The Jets played the Raiders (Carson's team), and we had a tailgate party.  My mom was here, and she made a whole bunch of deviled eggs: original, and a tarragon kind.  Yum.  Below, Carson made "street tacos" - marinated steak, salsa verde, shredded Mexican cheese, chopped white onions and cilantro.  Yum! 

This is a dinner I've been making a lot lately for the kiddos.  We call it Mexican Pizza: flour tortilla, refried beans, ground turkey flavored with taco seasoning, shredded Mexican cheese (baked for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees) and usually topped with corn and avocado...

And finally, last night I made Weelicious' Chocolate Chip Granola Bars for school snacks.  I'm obsessed with this recipe.  Also I drank red wine and almost fell asleep standing up!  

Thanks for stopping by... stay tuned for a couple of awesome giveaways next week!


Julie @ Girl on the Move said...

Even if you haven't gotten much sleep, it looks like y'all have at least been eating yummy food!

Anonymous said...

So nice to have your mama there! And the fact she makes you deviled eggs... priceless! I love your honesty about motherhood. I will have my second at the end of February, and I am ner-vous!

Anonymous said...

You rock girl- cant be easy having to be 'on' all the time. The kids are perfect- and you are too cute its ridiculous. Great couple & family--you guys are an example of how it could and should be. We need more of you guys to show youngsters how it should be done as most of us grown-ups seem to be getting it all wrong!!


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