Black and White Chip Cookies


A week or so ago, in honor of the Emmy Awards (ahem, The Voice was robbed), Jackson and I made some cookies because, let's face it, we make cookies in honor of anything.  It's the first Tuesday of the month?!?  THAT'S HUGE LET'S MAKE COOKIES.  But these cookies were special, because they were Jack's idea.  He thought, why not make a cookie with half dark chocolate chips and half white chocolate chips, sort of like the infamous Black and White Cookie we see EVERYWHERE in New York.  I think I've used the word "cookie" in every sentence so far.  Anyway, I used this recipe again because now I have it memorized, split the dough into 2 bowls, added white chocolate chips to one and semi-sweet to the other...   

...placed about a tablespoon of each side by side, formed them into balls and baked them!
Ta da, fancy Black and White Chip Cookies, courtesy of my genius son Jack.

Hope you guys had a nice Labor Day Weekend!  I spent mine feeding a baby every hour and a half... two-week growth spurt?!?  Back tomorrow with a Green Smoothie!


tara said...

That's genius! I love this idea, white chocolate chips and regular chocolate in one cookie? Done.

Amy (So There, by Amy) said...

Oh! What a cute idea!!
I have been making milk chocolate and white chocolate chip cookies, too recently, but I like the idea of keeping the halves separate, instead of just adding both chips to the same dough.
I'll have a try this next time.

Jordan Napier said...

How long did you cook them for?

Jaz Shaw said...

These look delicious!

Siri said...

Jordan - if you click on link for recipe, it will tell you how long to cook them for :)

Ariful Islam said...

That's sounds good. You are great. Thanks for this post. I would also like to suggest you to take superfood chocolate since it is good food for our health.


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