It is rare that we find days in a row where Carson has time off from his 17 jobs and we have nothing else going on, but that is exactly what happened these past few days.  We jumped on the opportunity and headed to the Hamptons, where Carson's friend has a home he let us stay at.  It, was, magical.  Let me first explain that I have never been to this area, only seeing it in movies and of course on Barefoot Contessa with Ina (when we drove into town I sure did stare at every stranger walking down the street, hoping it was her... I sure did).  It was so quaint, and remote, and vast, and BEAUTIFUL.  Farms and gardens and fresh produce stands and markets everywhere.  I now understand why Ina always says, use GOOD this, or GOOD that... because everything in the Hamptons is good.

Expensive, but oh so good.    

A highlight of our stay, other than relaxing at the beach or pool, was stopping at this little market and picking up a chicken that was alive days before and fresh, pasteurized eggs.  I roasted the chicken (via this recipe) for dinner and made soft boil eggs (via this recipe) for breakfast.  Everything tasted so good... I'm considering becoming a farmer.  

Look, the kids don't even need toys on the farm!  Just tiny pebbles...     

Back home now, but feeling refreshed and inspired.  And off to make a cake with the GOOD butter, eggs and buttermilk I brought back from the magical land of Ina.    


Lauren Brewer said...

I hope you also picked up plenty of good olive oil and kosher salt. :-). Glad you had a nice vacation. It is gorgeous out there. I can't wait to see what cake you make!

Julie @ Living on the Ledge said...

I would love to be a farmer, but probably a fancy farmer.

tara said...

My life's goal is to raise a chicken and then eat it. Is that morbid? I just really want to know what good chicken tastes like...

That place looks heavenly. Also, when did Etta get so big??

Linda said...

So glad you guys got to relax, and have a wonderful vacation !!! Country is the most relaxing place, makes you feel no stress... Wonderful pictures, now tell us about that cake you baked !!!

Amy (So There, by Amy) said...

Bahaha, 17 jobs! Glad you guys found time for a little getaway.
Well who knew Ina was actually on to something when she insisted we use "good" everything. I'd totally be on the lookout for her, too, the whole trip. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds like such an amazing, relaxing and recharging getaway! I am bummed you never saw Ina, I would have totally had my eyes peeled for her too :)


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