S'mores Banana Bread


The Internet ruins everything.  I'll show you how.  Think of an amazing idea - the best idea you've ever had - then google that idea, and you'll notice thousands of other people have had that very same thought.  Gee, thanks Internet, for stripping us of our originality and making us feel BOR-ING.  But I'll show you, I will.  The next time I wake up at 3am and think of combining s'mores with banana bread I will loudly proclaim Google DEAD TO ME and make up my own recipe (while waking up Carson and the kids with my middle-of-the-night proclamations).

But not this time.  I can't take credit for this ridiculous banana bread creation.  When I googled "my idea" and found this recipe, it just looked too good not to try out.  I happened to have 3 ripe bananas and all the other ingredients too, so, much to Carson's dismay (we still have half a Lemon Cake in our kitchen), I set off to bake this crazy thing, as my Instagram feed will show you...  

That's my big belly.

So.  This is moist, chocolate chip banana bread, lined with a graham cracker, cinnamon sugar swirl, topped with roasted marshmallows.  Breakfast?  HA!  Maybe, if you're camping and you woke up early to jog 15 miles.  Which is how I camp, yeah, sure.  You should definitely make this though, because it's summer, and s'mores should be combined with everything.  Kale S'more Salad?  BRILLIANT IDEA, IT'S MINE, DON'T GOOGLE IT.

More creative S'mores here, here, here and here.    


Liz Halle said...

This looks like heaven


Inkiepie said...

Looks great.

BrittanyB said...

That looks amazing! Can't wait to try it.

Linda said...

Yummy, ok so I have bananas ready, and was thinking I should make the brown butter banana cake instead of the traditional banana bread recipe. But now with this recipe, well I'm not able to decide.....please tell me which is best? What should I make?


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