New kitchen - again!


Some of you have been asking about our new kitchen, but we're still finishing some minor remodels therefore it will be awhile.  But I WILL give you a sneak peek of my new mixer!!  Bye bye pale pink mixer of my 20's and hello new matte, grey lover (ahem, of my 30's)!  I'm honestly in love with it.  

Have a great weekend!


Ann K said...

Really nice (I have the same one :), a must for every cooks kitchen! Just want to say thanks for so much inspiration. I have a little one at home, and you inspire me to cook well for him. Happy cooking and baking :)

Linda said...

I love all of the colors that are available in the mixers now when I got mine the only color available was white.... Oh no, I must be a dinosaur!! Oh well I treasure it because it was a wedding gift from my Grandmother : )

Lauren Brewer said...

Congratulations on the move! Can't wait to see the new kitchen!


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