Baked Potatoes


Moving is hard.  It's exhilarating and challenging and refreshing, but hard!  Being in such a foreign environment can make you crave familiar things, and nothing is more familiar to me than food.  Just food, in general.  My favorites (which is everything, let's be serious).  One favorite of mine is a classic Baked Potato.  I wash them, coat them in olive oil and a generous amount of sea salt and pepper, and bake them on a piece of foil (unwrapped) for 1 hour at 375.  Sometimes I broil it at the very end - just for a couple of minutes - if the skin hasn't reached my desired crispiness...  

...and of course I top it with lots of butter, cheddar cheese and bacon.  Sometimes chopped broccoli.  
I never said it was a healthy favorite!  


Anonymous said...

Olive oil, salt and pepper and anything = magic, but potatoes are really grounding, especially when displaced. But Spring was here in NY today - hope it felt hopeful and exciting!

Linda said...

I've never done the olive oil, salt & pepper thing!!! What's wrong with me ?


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