Egg & Cheese on a Roll


When we moved to NY, we chose to live outside of the city.  However, one of my favorite parts about NYC is breakfast.  Bagels, of course, but also the Egg & Cheese on a Roll you can get at just about EVERY deli you walk into.  There's nothing uniquely special about it - it's a fried egg (or two), melty American cheese and a soft roll.  But the combination is to die for, and I swear I could probably eat two sandwiches in one setting I KNOW, I HAVE A PROBLEM.  

This morning I decided to make them at home, substituting an English muffin for the roll.  I quickly fried up an egg (in one of those tiny pans you can buy at the drug store), melted some American cheese on top, and placed on a toasted, buttery English muffin.  Perfection in the suburbs of the city.


mainer said...

And I love you back, because you posted this Eggncheese. I grew up near NYC and there is nothing like this classic. When I go back to visit, I get one every day, sometimes with bacon, on a grilled hard roll. When we make our own, we use english muffin bread, toasted and buttered. Home sweet home!


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