Quadruple Chocolate Soft Fudgy Pudding Cookies


I know, enough with the chocolate cookies.  
WHAT?  What did you say??  NEVER!  NEVER ENOUGH!
Sorry it appears I'm talking to myself again about food.  But it also appears that I cannot find a chocolate cookie recipe that I will not try.  Come back tomorrow and you'll see why.

A friend sent me this recipe, and the title alone made me swoon (cookies can do that to a person).  They are exactly what they say they are: rich in chocolate, extremely soft, fudgy like the best brownie you've ever had, pudding cookies.  I had to make them as fast as I could so that I wouldn't eat ALL of the dough.  Just look at that dough!  They were fantastic.  Recipe here.

*And as proof that I don't sit at home eating ALL of the cookies (although I ate more than usual of these), SEEEEEE, they made their way to work with Carson...


Kiran B. said...

Is that how you two stay so thin but still have a passion for baking? Give everything away? I want to give them away but also want them around for my kids lunches. Problem: if they are here...I will eat!!! And how many is acceptable to eat before you give them away? Heehee!

Linda said...

Stop your killing me.... Lol not really!

Lynn @ TheActorsDiet.com said...

averie’s stuff is so great!


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