Healthy V-Day Treats


I've already introduced you to my sister-in-law Jessica's blog, One Hungry Yogi, but now let me introduce you to my sister Georgia's new blog, Inspired Spoons (you've met her before, by the way). Georgia is a junior at Syracuse studying Nutrition and Dietetics.  I had no idea how to spell that word, by the way, but I SWEAR we're related.  She is my youngest sister, and probably a thousand times smarter (and healthier) than me.  Check out her blog, like her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram - her food is truly beautiful and inspiring!  In case you're not convinced, here are some Valentine's Day treats from both Jessica and Georgia... you're welcome. 


Zoƫ said...

A family of foodies! I love it, and I'll have to try the healthier treats.


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