"THE Chocolate Chip Cookie"


It might be absurd how many chocolate chip cookies I've baked on this blog.  MIGHT, because then again, can a painter use TOO many shades of blue to depict our lovely sky?  Are there TOO many ways to arrange musical notes to create a beautiful song??  Do you see what I'm getting at?!  Cookies are art, and they should be expressed in as many ways as possible.  I am merely playing the role of artist (say that like you're a French person), and the oven is my instrument.  The chocolate chip is my voice and the... okay I'll stop now.  

I'm basically trying to justify my behavior by making myself sound sophisticated.  

What happens is, when I read that someone has found THE chocolate chip cookie, I have to try it.  Which is exactly what I did yesterday.  This cookie was described as "unbelievably chewy" and "the perfect softness."  But what really stirred my interest was the addition of cornstarch.  Two teaspoons, claiming to give the cookies an "unbelievable lift."  

I'm not sure about the lift (mine were the perfect thickness - but I also like to press my cookies down slightly before baking them), but this cookie was pretty incredible.  Definitely soft and unbelievably chewy - with that crackled exterior I love in a cookie.  You should try them (recipe linked above), and then while you're at it... try some of my other favorite chocolate chip cookies I've made on this blog:


Linda said...

One can never have too many chocolate chip cookies in life !!!

Jennifer Benak said...

The second cookie down on the left hand side on the wire rack looks like an upside down smiley face. I enjoy it immensely. And you can never try too many chocolate chip cookie recipes!

Lauren Brewer said...

I was all set to make these with my son this afternoon and then he said he didn't want to because they made chocolate chip cookies at school today. Is it bad if I force an almost 4 year old to make cookies because Momma needs her cookie fix? And I agree with everyone above, you can never have too many chocoloate chip cookie recipes!

Michelle said...

We made these yesterday on our snow day here in Kansas CIty! They are DELICIOUS!!!

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Kamish said...

Made these today...YUM! Hard to stop eating them. That's the only bad part!


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