Triple Chocolate Pudding


As you know, I don't really like pie.  So on Thanksgiving, I decided to make some chocolate pudding for the kids and, well, myself.  I love chocolate so when I found a recipe for a TRIPLE chocolate pudding, duh, I made it.  While I think I missed up the whisking process (recipes that call for consistent attention are not my forte) the flavor was still delicious.  Also, I sat at the kid's table too.  (Recipe here.)

Later in the week stay tuned for... a brown butter based pizza and a CONTEST.  You heard me.  


Lottie said...

Mmh, I love this.

Nichole said...

I like pumpkin pie, and that's it. Great alternative...and really, it's chocolate--what isn't to love?!

lena chuby said...

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