Bacon Bourbon Brussels Sprouts Skewers


How were your Thanksgivings??  Have you been eating leftovers for days, like me?  Have you been having food-induced night terrors, like me?  (I should also credit watching Breaking Bad before bed to those lovely dreams... too much stuffing + Walter White is a terrifying combo apparently.)  Well, I hope you enjoyed eating your faces off with your loved ones.  I thought I'd share with you one dish that I made, these Brussels Sprouts skewers.  Other than the fact that I added too much cayenne, they were delicious and appropriate for any wintertime meal.  Try them!    

Recipe here.


tara said...

Mmm those look delicious. So many leftovers....

Gretchen said...

Beg to differ...it was just the RIGHT amount of cayenne!

Lamchop114@aol.com said...

Love brussel sprouts. LOVE bacon. But what really got me about your post was Breaking Bad - since that's what I do while wrapping my Christmas gifts this year. I never watched live but I am LOVING watching them now! Problem is...I have to remember to wrap because Walter and Jesse are hypnotizing!!! Thanks for all your ideas. Oh, and Carson rocks!

Lauren Brewer said...

You had me at bacon. Hope you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving!


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