Mint Chocolate Truffles


I always look forward to Food Network's 12 Days of Cookies.  I've been getting the emails for years, and while I rarely make most of them, I still love reading the recipes (don't pretend that you're better than me because you read actual books).  When I saw this one for mint truffles, I decided to give them a try.  I am a sucker for mint + chocolate and these treats did not disappoint.  Slightly time consuming and messy, but the perfect gift for your loved ones.  Or yourself!    


Jennifer Benak said...

I have found myself making oreo truffles and nutter butter truffles lately, and they are fantastic. I use this recipe for both, just substituting nutter butters for oreos and chilling the cookie mixture for an hour before dipping it in chocolate. I have had people offer to pay me to make these for parties, and they are really easy and inexpensive to make.


Jennifer Benak


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