I hope you guys are having fun with the photo contest.  I have about a thousand ideas I want to offer you, but that's just me being bossy like I was as a kid in charge of my sibling's "Pinter Playhouse" (our production of Little Red Riding Hood was really spectacular).  Anyway, the deadline to submit pictures is this Friday so GET SNAPPING!  I'm so annoyed that I just said that.  

On to the Buckeyes.  I found this recipe as I was perusing through holiday treats online, and it brought back all sorts of memories.  My mom and I made a variation of these almost every year (ours was fully immersed in chocolate, duh).  This recipe took NO time to make and they are SO good.  If you're into peanut butter and chocolate, that is, and if you're not, go away.  Holiday Spirit!           


Lauren Brewer said...

I LOVE these flippin' cookies!!!!!!!!

Lauren Brewer said...

And I have a Question, which I may or may not want to know the answer to...do you know how many cookies are considered a serving in that calorie count? Wait, don't tell me. Ok, you can tell me. No, don't tell me. Argh!!!!!

Linda said...

I'd like to pop one of these babies into my mouth right now!!! Yummy....


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