Andes Mint Brownies


Let's keep talking about chocolate and mint, shall we?  I always love the combination, but especially this time of year.  I've even been ordering Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks.  Who am I?  I would never do that any other time of year.  I'm not even sure I like them!  I just want a couple of sips, to savor that chocolaty, minty combo.  Which is why I bought Andes Mints at the market the other day and instantly researched recipes.  I knew this one was the winner, because brownies should be more of a consistent thing in my life.  Don't you think?  They are wonderful... fudgy, gooey, very rich.  The only thing I did differently was add regular semi-sweet chocolate chips to the top, instead of more mints.  I ran my knife through the brownies before the chocolate on top cooled, to make it easier later on.  

Reminder, only a few more days to submit photos for the contest!        


Linda said...

I love love love chocolate and mint.... Yummy brownies, I made nuts, fudge, and your recipe for Nutella stuffed cookies yesterday, those are some yummy cookies!!! I'll put the mints on the grocery list.

Linda said...

Haha I'm back again for this recipe!! Siriously am I the only comments on this post..... Yummy! Making today...

Kelly said...

When you click on the link for the Andes mint brownies it says the page cannot be found. I really want to make these!!

Siri said...

Kelly - thanks for noticing that, I fixed the link!


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