Happy Eating!


If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with my propensity towards sarcasm, cynicism and self-bashing, well then let me refresh your memory about a few Thanksgivings, oh, and in this one I talk about ball scratching.  I never claimed to be a classy lady!  However, I am thankful for many things and YOU are one of them.  That's right, thank you for reading my silly blog and putting up with my siriously odd behavior.  Happy Thanksgiving!  xoxo  


Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving !!! I must fix your apron...haha. Kiss the kids and happy eating .....

Lisa said...

Love your blog and your sarcasm! Saw Carson at Today and told him the same thing. After the fact thought maybe I should have told him he's great too, but he probably hears that enough. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Happenstance said...

Happy Thanksgiving Siri! Have always loved your blog and writing style:) Keep it up!

branda sicot said...

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