Review: Dr. Praeger's


I was recently sent some products from Dr. Praeger's, a line of nutritious, all-natural frozen foods that the whole family will enjoy!  It sounds like they told me to write that but they didn't, honestly.  My whole family has become addicted to their broccoli, sweet potato and spinach nuggets.  Which is not an easy feat, by the way, considering my son won't touch a green vegetable (other than frozen peas).  The other night he asked for 15 broccoli nuggets.  And, like I said, you will enjoy them too.  You can tell that they're fresh, almost like you made them yourself.  Look for them the next time you're out!

And stay tuned for a homemade meal later on today...    

**Quick note: earth to Julie who won the Cake Stand Giveaway, if I don't hear from you over the weekend I am going to pick another winner so please email me soon : )


Linda said...

Morning Siri, how are the Asian veggie burgers? They sound good too!!!

agalandherdog said...

I'll definitely check these out. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

I just emailed you, I went on an overnight with my husband. Thank you!


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