Crispy Smoked Salmon Toast


I finished my last post by telling you people that I am a genius.  I lied to your faces.  The truth is, I am one of the biggest idiots I know.  Last weekend, I went to the same baby shower twice.  Saturday morning, got all dressed up, got my daughter all dressed up, braved the 405 for 45 minutes, showed up at the restaurant only to find out the baby shower was Sunday, not Saturday.  The maitre'd even offered me a glass of champagne on the house because he felt so embarrassed for me.  The valet guys were SO thrilled to park my car only to fetch it 30 seconds later.  My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVED the drive back home.  See?  Monster idiot.  

However, I redeemed myself a little by recreating one of the appetizers they passed around at the real baby shower on Sunday: smoked salmon atop creme fraiche and crispy toast.  I ate an entire plate (but justified it in my head by pretending it was one plate over TWO baby showers).  This morning I whipped it together in 5 minutes: easy, impressive, delicious...

Cut sourdough toast into squares or rounds.  Heat a small amount of olive oil over medium-high heat.  Saute bread until it browns on both sides, being careful not to burn.    

Top with a dollop of creme fraiche (or sour cream, even cream cheese would be good), smoked salmon (lox) and chopped chives.  


Anonymous said...


tara said...

Awww that sucks you went to the same baby shower twice! And as a fellow Santa Monican, I can definitely understand that driving on the 405 AT ALL is horrible.

But your salmon toast concoction looks fantastic!

Vapid Vixen said...

I absolutely loathe seafood of any kind but I have to admit, that looks beautiful enough to eat.

Baby showers suck. Sorry you sort of had to endure the same one twice. But YAY for champagne!

frizz said...

Looks divine. And extra kudos to any busy mom who is willing to take the time to cut off the crusts.

Sugar and Charm said...

Gaaa... the 405!! But I have to say that looks pretty damn delicious. The crispy toast reminds me of the crispy rice with spicy tuna at Katsuya. It's Ah-mazing!!!


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