4-0 Cake!


Someone in our house is turning 40 this week, and it's not me, and it's not my kids... so I'll let you figure that out.  As you know, I go a little coo koo roo over birthday cakes, and this was no exception.  I thought about baking 40 cakes, and then I thought about checking myself into a mental institution instead.  AND THEN, I found this alphabet/number pan, and my sanity was saved.  How cool is it??  You rearrange these 2-inch squares to form any number or letter you fancy!  And as long as you spray the pan, they pop right out leaving a perfectly formed cake.  I'm obsessed.

Have some happy weekends, ok?  And stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement : )  


Amy (So There, by Amy) said...

Oh, geez! That cake pan is genius!!!! :)
Thanks for sharing!

tara said...

That's awesome!!

Happy Birthday Carson! That makes me feel old because I remember watching him on TRL. *sigh*

Lauren Brewer said...

I just ordered the pan. Now I need a birthday to bake for. Thanks for sharing and making me feel bad since I'm older than Carson. Haha

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th Carson.
Love that cake pan, Siri.

Eden said...

What?! That cake pan is AMAZING!!!! Ordering it ASAP and how in the world didn't I know about this earlier!

Eden said...

...know about the cake pan earlier. Thought I should make that clear, LOL!!! XO

Food Guide said...

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