Mascarpone Chocolate Chip Cookies


Some of you have been asking when you'll get to see our newly remodeled kitchen.  The answer is, in a few days plus three months.  You heard me, autumn time!!  We're nowhere near done!!  So be patient, and when I say that I'm talking to myself.  In the meantime, you'll just have to wonder how I'm still managing to bake delightful treats like these cupcakes.  Or are they muffins?  Do cupcakes technically need frosting?  Or does one single (large) chocolate chip qualify as a cupcake topper?  I think so.  Especially when you take a perfectly sweet recipe, like these mascarpone cupcakes, and add mini chocolate chips.  These fluffy bite-size treats do not need a moundful of icing.  Instead, when you take them out of the oven, place one large chocolate chip atop each cupcake.  They are perfect, just like that.  And they would be even more perfect for a Black and White Party.  Do those still exist?  Or do they just occur if you're me and you're 22?  


Lauren Brewer said...

I didn't realize that those mini muffin pans fit into an Easy-Bake oven! Seriously though, can't wait to see pics and thank you for still baking and posting! Will you be using the Coleman camping stove next?

Layne Adams said...

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