Cauliflower Fritters


How were your weekends?  I went to the farmer's market yesterday and it had been so long since I'd done that.  I acted like a kid in a candy store, buying anything and everything that I could fit in the stroller (or on top of Etta).  I was so excited and overwhelmed, that when a teenage boy told me my avocados would cost me 400 pennies, I blankly stared at him while I tried to do the math.  Not one of my finer moments (but you can blame everything on no sleep when you have a baby).  Now I have veggies coming out of my eyeballs and I'm trying to eat them up in creative ways.  Like these Cauliflower Fritters that I adapted from this recipe.  Instead of an egg I used sour cream, instead of feta I used grated Romano and I added fresh basil too.  They sort of fell apart on me without the egg, but they were DELICIOUS.  I will make them again and again.    


tara said...

Those sound delicious! I love Farmer's Markets! I had some fresh lettuce the other day and it smelled heavenly!

400 pennies...hahahha

Colleen said...

And thanks to you, I was able to save a nearly dead head of cauliflower in my fridge from being thrown away! These were delicious and the perfect pair to my salsa chicken :)

LAMchop114 said...

Well it's because of these Cauliflower fritters that I ended up in the emergency room last Thursday...and ultimately had my gall bladder out this past Sunday. Not because of you...but because of these fritters. They were too good, I ate too many, and my gall bladder could not handle it! I've been thinking of you all weekend! I still check your blog first thing every day though. LOVE LOVE LOVE your posts ~ but most of all your sense of humor!


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