Outrageous Chocolate Cookies


I will make anything with the words "outrageous" and "chocolate" before it.  Outrageous Chocolate Meatloaf?  I will make it.  On second thought, that sounds revolting and I will NOT make it.  Outrageous Chocolate Cookies?  Ok!  I am a HUGE chocolate freak, the more of it, the better.  So I will keep these cookies bookmarked because I loved them.  SUPER rich.  In fact, do not let your 4 year-old eat one after 6pm if you do not want him to wake up at 1am for an entire hour.  Next time I might add some espresso powder?  Right, that sounds like a terrible idea if I'm worried about sleep, but coffee helps to enhance chocolate flavor even more.  Besides, I have two kids and I've given up on sleep for the next 18 years.  Recipe here.  



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