Baked Tostada


We partake in Taco Tuesday pretty much every week, either at our local Mexican restaurant or at home.  Last night we stayed in, but to shake things up a bit I decided to turn my taco into a baked tostada.  That's the beauty of tacos, they're sort of made to order.  Carson often turns his into a taco salad, Jack prefers a quesadilla, and after last night, I think frequent the tostada route.
I just said "frequent the tostada route."  

I followed Martha's easy directions here.  A corn tortilla, drizzled with olive oil, topped with your favorite stuff (here: ground turkey and cotija cheese) and then baked.  After the cheese melted and the tortilla got crispy, I removed it from the oven and added avocado, cilantro, sea salt and hot sauce.     

Stay tuned either later today or this week for a GIGANTIC ANNOUNCEMENT.



Anonymous said...

it better be good! I NEED this!

Silvia G

tara said...

Drama?! Oh boy!

I loooove tacos in pretty much any form. No, any form.

Linda said...

Yum tacos are the best !! Excited for the announcement !!!


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