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What is your morning routine like?  For as long as I can remember, mine has included the Today Show.  It was always on our TV... as a kid, in college, and now as an adult (although Sesame Street is slowly taking over my life).  There's something so comforting about hearing those familiar voices, if even in the background.  I like knowing that on any given morning I'll turn on my TV, and they'll be there.    

Next Wednesday the 27th, if you turn on your TV in the 9 o'clock hour, I'll be there.
I'll be on the Today Show.

I just wrote that sentence and laughed at myself, like, you silly billy head NO YOU WON'T.

But yes, I will.  So tune in please : )


Beth & Brad said...

Whoop Whoop, I cannot believe the day has come for the whole country (and not just your friends) to know how AMAZING & TALENTED you are! I will be watching along with every family member of mine & person at work I know, eeeeeeee!

tara said...

Oh my god that is SO awesome!! Congratulations, Siri!!! You deserve it!

Holly said...

Oh please spoon feed Al Roker. Please. :)

Also, if you need a blog redesign before the rest of America discovers this little nest of Heaven, just say the word. My hubby will hook you up... His blog design page is hubbyjacksblogattack.blogspot.com

You can check out some of his work. :)

Anyway, good luck on Tuesday!!

Katy Stuhr said...

I just set my DVR! Can't wait!

Kristie said...

Holy Crap that's amazing !!! Congrats a million times !!!! Got my DVR ready to go ;)
Al Roker ! Matt LAUER !!!!! AHHHHHHH
How are you not peeing your pants every minute ?!!
Congrats again, you'll do AMAZING

Megan Weisbarth said...

Siri, you're the bees knees! Congrats! You'll do amazing, setting my DVR now...

Kay Everyday said...

That's simply fantastic! Have a most wonderful time!!

Linda said...

Yahoo!! That's so exciting !! Setting a reminder now !!! Too cool !!! Super mommy + blogger on the today show!!

Shoes Of Course said...

I'm going to be cheesy here, but I think this every time I read your blog, I love your sinSIRIty- it makes your blog so much cooler than all of the others out there. I too wait until the last minute... Not so great for someone that designs and makes shoes. Congrats on the Today show!


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