Quick Chicken Corn Chowder


LA can be such a tease.  This past weekend we experienced 80 degree temps, cloudless skies, and populated beaches.  And now it's cold, gray and raining.  I know "cold" is relative, and it might be much colder where you are (trust me, I lived in the Midwest for 13 years).  But I say anything below 60 degrees calls for Chowder, that's right, I say it.  

I love finding Cooking Light recipes that sound good, because most of the time they really are.  This did not taste like a diet version of chowder, and yet it was made with low-fat milk and only two tablespoons of butter (recipe here).  If you have leftover chicken, make this, it will take you no time at all and it will be delicious.  In any kind of weather. 


Katie said...

I made this chowder last night & it was so good! I added turkey bacon because bacon (even in turkey form) makes everything betta'.

Thanks for posting it!


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