Salted Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats


How has it taken me so long to make these??  I saw the recipe (here or here) ages ago, and how it didn't send me running into the kitchen like a lunatic is beyond me.  I guess it's because I stopped buying Rice Krispies when I saw what the damn cereal could do to my floor (Jack has no idea how to snap, crackle and pop the things INTO his mouth).  But I finally got around to it, and I will NEVER make the traditional treat any other way.  Browning the butter and adding a touch of salt take them to another dimension, but not too gourmet for the kiddos to notice.  You must, must, MUST try.  

Let's play the cloud game.  What do you see in this pool of brown butter?  I initially saw the state of Wisconsin, and then quickly realized it doesn't look at all like Wisco.  Then I saw the Land 'O Lakes butter woman and, finally, an embryo in a uterus.  Is this doing anything for your appetite?  

I swear I will put the heart-shaped cookie cutter away now.  


Linda said...

Oh yes... I haven't been on Blogger in days and this is the top post when i log on !!! : ) who doesn't love Rice Krispies , brown butter must make them amazing !!!

Linda said...

P. S. I can see the embryo too... Lol.

Audra said...

I must make these. Like really really soon- they look to die for.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to try these! I Tried a recipe I think you would love. Homemade animal crackers from William Sonoma recipes. Thanks for continuing to feed my baking obsession! Kelley ( not trying to be creepy w anonymous I do not do Facebook or twitter or any other Id listed)

Lisa M said...

just tried these - they were amazing!


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