Roasted Chicken Tacos


I'm going to tell you something about myself, are you ready?  I make this meal probably once a week.  Oh, you think that was a really boring piece of information?  Fine, I will tell you something else about myself.  The other day I ordered two "sodos" at Subway and found that accidental made-up word so funny and embarrassing that I proceeded to laugh hysterically at myself and could barely pay the guy.  Now THAT was some information. 

As I was saying, I make this once a week.  Because it combines two of my favorite things: the absurdly easy and tasty Susie's French Chicken with tacos.  And I don't like to brag (or I do), but I make a mean taco.  It's all about the proper toppings.  Try the following out the next time you make a taco and tell me it isn't magic in your mouth: tomatoes, avocados, roasted garlic, lettuce, queso fresco and a drizzle of Chipotle Cholula.  And don't forget to lightly grill your tortillas (I flip mine using tongs over the gas stove until grill marks form) because it makes a WORLD of difference.   

As for the poultry, follow the recipe for Susie's French Chicken and once it's done and has rested for 15 minutes, shred and toss in the bubbling juice at the bottom of the pot. 


TILTE said...

I just wrote about tacos yesterday, and now this post has totally put mine to shame. I hate myself. But that French chicken does look good.

Linda said...

Mmmmm tacos are my favorite! �� Right next to chips & salsa !!!

Linda said...

P. S. what is " sodos" ?

tara said...

That looks delicious, and I would totally laugh hysterically at myself for saying a made up word like sodos too.

Anonymous said...

Trying tonight. Made the chicken last night and served it over Alton Brown's savory polenta recipe with roasted carrots and fennel. Highly recommend . Thanks for the great recipes! - Kelley

rosemary patterson said...

Saw you on Today this morning and found your blog. The chicken is in the oven and your chicken tacos are on the menu tonight. Even have the head of garlic roasting. All your recipes look amazing. Here's to good eating!


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