Homemade Chex Mix


Was your New Year's Resolution to stop snacking?  Then quick, go away, close your eyes, throw water on your computer screen (or don't), ESCAPE!  ESCAPE!  ESCAPE!  

You still here?  Good, you're my real friends.  Because only my real friends would want to enjoy the most delicious snack known to man, even if it is HIGHLY addicting.  It's very easy to throw together and a fun activity for kids as well.  Jack threw on his new Star Wars apron and stirred away (then proceeded to do the dishes, per his request, not kidding).  Also a great football-play-offs-watching snack, even if the Vikings are out : (  

I followed this recipe, and only used peanuts because that's what I had.  Mmm, snacks.        


tara said...

Mmm chex mix.

So pissed the Vikings lost. My husband is a fellow Minnesotan.

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

chex mix is crack and I love it. **runs to kitchen to make a batch**

Linda said...

Yea!!! Siri is back !!! I love chex mix, well who doesn't ?


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