Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix


As I've mentioned, I'm all about edible gifts, and I just found the PERFECT one.  Something you can make in two seconds, in a VERY large quantity, that people will love.  Hot Chocolate Mix!  Who doesn't like to snuggle up with some Hot Cocoa, watch the movie Elf and celebrate the season like you're something out of an Eddie Bauer ad!?!  I plan on buying cute little treat baggies for one hitters and giving them to everyone I meet.  Thank you for bagging my groceries, Mister, here is a treat.  Oh, don't worry about stealing my parking spot, Lady, I will put a present on your window anyway (talking about this actually).  For my REAL friends, I plan on making some homemade marshmallows next week to pair with the Hot Chocolate.    

I used this Martha recipe because, especially these days, I'm a fan of minimal ingredients.  This has THREE!  Good cocoa powder (I used unsweetened), sugar and a touch of salt.  Enjoy!  


Gretchen said...

I especially like this for a nice parking card :)

Liz Halle said...

Where did you get the cocoa to incorporate?

Georgia Pinter said...

try a little cinnamon & cardamom in it! my fav

Siri said...

Liz - just your regular grocery store. I bought a Ghirardelli brand - unsweetened cocoa.


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