6-Layer Bars


Oh 7-Layer Bars, I mean, 6-Layer Bars... you are so good.  So rich, and gooey, and irresistible... you make me want to eat you on a fluffy couch, in slow motion, like in a commercial.  I used this recipe and went with an even number bar due to a nut allergy, but if you'd like to add one more layer just throw some toasted pecans or walnuts into the mix.  I've made similar bars before, but they weren't my favorite (and dear lord look how tiny my pictures were back then).  These are my favorite.  

Smiling is my favorite (name the movie).  


Lisa M. said...

ELF!!!! Because its the best!
"Your not Santa you smell like Beef and Cheese"

Audra said...

I love bars like this! I called mine Magic Bars- so many names for something so freaking good!!

Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

We love these bars too. They're called cavity finders around here. Bet you can't guess why :)

Sandy said...


IF you go to the live shows, and IF you happen to see the pride of MN, would you give him a big hug from all of EAGAN!


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