Sugar Cut-Out Cookies


After making these soft and chewy sugar cookies the other day, I was craving the other kind - the kind you roll and cut out and decorate like mad.  Only I didn't want to decorate them, I wanted kids to do that for me.  So our nieces came over, and they and Jack made a huge, floury, glittery mess.  If you're going to let kids decorate cookies, you have to accept the mess.  Which is hard for me, but I managed to let go (even if I did follow them around with a broom).

I used this recipe, which was perfect.  Not too sugary - a good thing when you know they will be smothered with icing, sprinkles and other sweet toppings.  It also made enough cookies for a small army.  Or the Duggar family.  Can you imagine buying presents for all of your brothers and sisters if you were a Duggar?  I mean, do you even know all of your brothers and sisters if you are a Duggar??    


Andrea the Kitchen Witch said...

That mess is very very well contained! The cookies have such nice sharp edges Siri. Great job! I have those same cutters (and the same OCD about letting kids decorate them). I should make some soon and let go of my OCD. I'll need vodka for that :)

Gretchen said...

I think we need a photo of some of the finished product :)

Linda said...

Fun times !!! Enjoy!!

tara said...

Hahah right?! I have a hard enough time with just 3 brothers and sisters. Being a Duggar would be impossible.

Yum I love sugar cookies!


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