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Earlier this week I FINALLY ate at Pizzeria Mozza.  It's only been a five-year-or-so dream of mine.  It was worth every last ounce of bread, oil and cheese.  We ate a lot... meatballs, fried squash blossoms stuffed with ricotta (my favorite), tuna stuffed in marinated peppers, fried risotto balls, a burrata caprese salad with garlic bread (oh my), a bianca pizza with truffle oil and fennel sausage (another favorite) and another pizza with slow cooked broccoli.  Did you not want to know all of that?  Sorry.  

I made another birthday cake in a soup can.  This time I made my own cream cheese frosting with a couple tablespoons of softened butter, a couple tablespoons of softened cream cheese, a half cup or so of powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla.  Dyed pink for my niece who just turned 3!  

And finally, if you live in the LA area, have you ever been to M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica?  Run there.  The food at the restaurant is really good but the bakery, THE BAKERY.  Ridiculous cookies (the size of your head) and they sell their famous Homemade English Muffins by the 6 pack.  I just ate one and I'm trying really hard not to go back for a second.  Only wish I had jam.  

Speaking of that - I want to make some strawberry jam this weekend but I've never done it before - anyone have a recipe they love or any pointers?  Sterilizing the jars seems like a whole thing...

Happy Weekend!  


Kathryn T. said...

Next time you are in MPLs go to Pizzaria Lola!!!!! And don't forget to get their home made soft serve with olive oil and sea salt!!!


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