Orecchiette with Pea Pesto


This is more of a spring dish.  I mean, do you want to fight about it?  The star is a spring vegetable and it's on the lighter side of pasta dishes.  But isn't that what January is about?  Eating on the lighter side of dishes?  So let's not fight.

This was very, very delicious and extremely easy to make, especially when you think you have no food in your house.  Ever since I made Pea Pesto Crostinis, I ALWAYS keep frozen peas in my freezer.  And since pine nuts are a staple in my salads, they're always around too.  Peas, pine nuts, parmesan, garlic and olive oil - blended.  Toss it with pasta, any pasta, and you have dinner.  Light dinner!  Pasta with no cream, no butter, no cheese sauce - just veggies!  I'm healthy!      

This time around, I used this recipe for the pea pesto...

And while my son ate it plain, I threw in some roasted cherry tomatoes for myself...

If you make a lot of this, the leftovers are great cold the next day.  Add some shredded chicken, tomatoes and you have a pasta salad!  Exclamation point!  


Gretchen said...

This looks delicious, and I want some right now!! And you could add a little bacon so Miss Piggy would like it too.

Linda said...

Yum this looks so fresh and beutiful.


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