Chocolate Chip Blondies


Look at how perfectly square that bar is.  
I bet you're thinking I'm some sort of Rainman, with a skill for cutting shapes and counting toothpicks.  
You're right, I am.
I also own this pan... 

A Christmas present from my son, one that can be purchased at Target if you're interested.  (Um, can I also be gifted this please??)  And, if you're a fan of the end pieces of Brownies, or if you're really into perfect shapes, than you should absolutely own this pan too.  

I decided to make Blondies with it - because who doesn't like a cookie that's sort of a brownie.  
Carson and I think they should be called Brookies - but I guess blonds have more fun.

I used this recipe and added the chocolate chips.  SUPERB.  


Anonymous said...

Yum..! It looks scrumptious! I'd love to try this one day!

Please visit my cat & food blog. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)


Stella said...

Uuuuh this makes me regret my decision to start a diet ! Thanks a lot.

Viva Italia said...

You were so timely...I was having a huge sweet craving this afternoon...these Blondies satisfied it completely...the dough worked as well as the cooked!!
Thanks for the simple but satisfying recipe!

agalandherdog said...

Got that same pan when I got married and don't use it near enough. May need to break it out for a batch of these.


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