Fall Salad


My friend Katy introduced me to the BEST.SALAD.EVER.  She made it this past weekend while our moms were in town visiting, and because I spaced and didn't take pictures of it, I decided I had to remake it.  Of course I didn't have any of the right ingredients for the salad, but for the dressing I was set.    Balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, chopped shallots, olive oil and maple syrup.  I could bathe in the stuff.  Why is there an 'E' at the end of bathe?  I hate that.  Recipe found here.


Mary B said...

Would this be good for Thanksgiving?

Siri said...

YES, Mary. Yes.

Alisa said...

I've been trying out recipes for the holidays and this looks really good.Hope I can find some maple syrup.Thanks for sharing.

Being Ingrid said...

I want this in my belly NOW.

Mary B. said...

Curious, do you follow recipe exactly or make any subs?

Angie said...

I'm really new to cooking & so I want to know...is the salad dressing something you can make the day before you candy the pecans & add to salad?

Siri said...

Mary - I make the dressing to a T but do whatever I want with the salad.

Angie - YES. The dressing will keep in the fridge for a day or two.


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