White Bean Dip + Baked Tortilla Chips


In an attempt to make my son a healthy snack, I ate it all. Mother F...

The other day I absentmindedly bought white beans instead of garbanzo beans. DOH! What to do with white beans, I thought. DIP! I googled white bean dip, found this one, made it, and then ate it all. It was so easy with simple, few ingredients. I bet you have them in your fridge. I bet you accidentally bought white beans too. I bet you will share this with your kids because you are better than me.

Recipe HERE. I used tortillas instead of pitas.


Linda said...

Yum !!! I have white beans and fresh italian parsley !!!!

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

CPK uses white beans for their hummus. i wonder if it was anything like that.


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